About Us


Shawn Koy is the Principal of Meritus Legal. Shawn has strong technical abilities and skills and is at the same time, commercially attuned and practical. He also possesses very strong problem-solving, analytical and lateral thinking skills. Shawn is therefore able to provide clients with advice and solutions that meet their commercial objectives.

Shawn’s personal ethos is striving for excellence in whatever he does and to this end, he endeavours to deliver work that exceeds client’s expectations while providing quality service at the same time. With his strong communication skills and pleasant disposition, many clients enjoy working with him and give very good feedback about his high standard of work and service.

Shawn is fluent in Mandarin (spoken and written) and is able to understand some Chinese dialects. He enjoys using his language abilities to work with diverse groups of clients.


We believe that behind every successful business is a trusted legal adviser. Having good legal counsel ensures your business interests are protected, secures a better commercial deal for you, minimizes your risks and avoids the costs involved particularly from having signed a contract that was not in your best interests.

We encourage clients to seek early legal advice or at least run their plans past us so we can give them our legal guidance. We want to build strong long term relationships with our clients. Our satisfaction comes from partnering with our clients in every step of their business journey.

We believe that every client should have easy access to legal advice and services. In most cases, we are happy to have an initial discussion about your issues and provide our preliminary comments and the proposed scope of legal services.


ADROIT We apply our legal and technical abilities skilfully to solve your legal issue.

PRAGMATIC We provide solutions that are practical, commercial and cost-effective for you.

GET THE DEAL THROUGH We believe that as good legal advisers, our role is to assist our clients to secure the best deal possible in the circumstances. We use our negotiation skills, commercial perspective and drafting skills to facilitate the parties’ agreement and get the deal through.

PEOPLE ORIENTED In our law business, we deal with people from all walks of life. We use our strong people skills and communication skills to deal effectively with the parties involved and work through the people issues that often make the legal problem more complex!