intellectual property lawyer PerthIn this increasingly knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy, human capital and intellectual capital are undoubtedly two critical success factors for many knowledge intensive or technology businesses.

While businesses are investing in developing new innovative products and services to stay ahead of competition, not all businesses recognise that intellectual property can be an appreciable asset of the business.

Many also do not see the importance of protecting their intellectual property.

In some businesses, intellectual property can be the lifeline and for this reason, it is commercially imperative for these businesses to take adequate steps to safeguard their intellectual property.

We assist clients to identify what IP is relevant in their businesses, how to protect the IP and how to enforce their rights when their IP rights were infringed or threatened. 

We also advise on the following issues:

  • How to structure your entities to best protect your valuable IP
  • How to commercialise your IP by using licensing or franchising systems
  • Trade mark registration, protection of confidential information and trade secrets and copyright law
  • How to ensure any IP created by employees or contractors belong to you
  • How to protect confidential information and IP in employment context